Friday, September 11, 2009

Where would Cloud 9 be, if it were a DX entity.

This morning on my work I was discussing where is 'Cloud 9' might be if it were a DX entity, CL9 in Cuba came back one of the repeater's usual suspects (Dick /k2UFT). But searching my memory I could not remember ever working any CL9 from Cuba (or any where else). Most guys on the radio know I'm originally from Cuba, so naturally they think I know everything about the place, not so.

But the idea got me intrigued, when I got to work I wrote a few email to a few Cuban Hams I know and I quickly got my answer.

The prefix CL9, CM9 and CO9 belong to Radio Clubs or Hams authorized to operate from a Radio Club.

I also found out a little about their grid squares (super for 6m work, more on that soon), call signs and their license class system.

There Are 3 Ham's Classification:
CO - First -- HF/VHF/UHF/SHF bands & all modes, 2Kw HF. (Extra)
CM - Second -- HF bands SSB/CW and VHF bands FM, 500w in HF. (General)
CL - Third --- Segments on 160 & 2 Meters SSB, CW and FM. (Novice)

I had worked plenty of Cuban Stations in the past, but I guess I had not pay that much attention. OK, so much for Cloud 9 and my first official blog.

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