Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reading for FUN // SolderSmoke - The Book!

A book by Bill Meara N2CQR/CU2JL/M0HBR the host of the QRP classic podcast SolderSmoke.

I've loved the show from the very beginning, hanging on every story. His stories are wonderful, and not because they are unique, but because they are our stories too. If you like I have been interested in the uber-geek pastime of Ham Radio then chances are you will find that many of Bill's childhood stories will resonant in a eerie sort of way with your own life. I recently picked up SolderSmoke - The Book! from LULU.COM and I'm planing to read it at work during my lunch break, in true SS style.

Also, If you have not had a chance to listen to SolderSmoke but are interested in QRP radio and other subjects of interest like Astronomy, CW & Electronics. Be sure to check out SOLDERSMOKE - The PodCast too. (It is free)

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