Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coils and Inductors Chart

As I got in my car this morning I was treated with a welcomed chill in the air. A very welcome chill indeed, after the heavy rains and muggy humidity which have lingered over the Metro Atlanta for the previous weeks.

Therefore, Winter must be near (or at the very least fall) and that really means only one thing, more time in the shack, building and operating radios. After many set backs last year with my QRP efforts, I thought I would start a fresh and get truly organized. One of those efforts is to better understand "inductance", I have always had a tighter hold on resistance and capacitance, but coils have always been somewhat more baffling to me.

After a few minutes searching around the web and QRP watering holes, I was rather unsatisfied with he current state of reference materials available for the amateur builder. I was able to find a few charts, but most with contradictory data, and a few helpful formulas. Using the formulas, I built a spreadsheet to help me, and presumably others with most of the more commons incarnations of toroidal and air coils. In weeks to come, I hope to expand the air coil document to include forms like Star Bucks coffee stir'ers and other item commonly found (preferably free) items.

I have put together a few charts to help myself to better build and catalog the different options available to me when building home-brew QRP rigs.


Although I have built many, I'm still clueless as how to calculate the values for Binocular Transformers and Bi & Tri-filar coils. - Maybe some helpful HAM would care to comment.

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