Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Sourthen Resource - Cherry Blosom Intertie Repeater System

If you find yourself traveling south from Atlanta to Savanna, you might to tune into the Cherry Blosom Intertie Repeater System. A very friendly and very useful resource for the HAM traveler equipped with only a only 2m FM mobile radio.

Personally I was able to access this resource from atop 2 of Atlanta's Metro Peaks (Lost Mt & Pine Mt). I tuned into the network at Forsyth (147.315 no tone). It is the furthest north repeater in the intertie family and covers Monroe and parts of Butts and Henry Counties. From the metro peaks I was able to bring the repeaters with ease at only 5 watts and my standard 5/8 comet mounted on my Jeep. Next time, I'll try a HT with an aftermarket long duckie antenna, no guarantee but the mobile worked so well, I'm optimistic.

Here is a link to their excellent site. In the very near future, I will be updating my North Georgia 2m Repeater list to includes this fine addition.

73 ki4SGU

PS. I'm told there are more repeaters on the network, but are linked only temporarily (during nets, etc), and regrettably I do not have the locations or the frequencies.

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