Thursday, November 5, 2009

More on my RAINBOWS in the Dark Series...

More on my RAINBOWS in the Dark Series... I am continuing to have a blast on WSPR

I was mentioned in g4ILO Julian's fine blog "WSPRing all night on 40" for a UK WSPR contact.

Other note worthy contacts were New Zealand and Australia.

Here is a LINK to complete log of 40m contacts @20w.

Of late, I've read some comments about the true worth of WSPR, in my humble opinion this is one hot mode, and is very valid and relevant. WSPR will probably bring-in and retain lots of new technically oriented blood into the hobby, as well as re-energize old timers, specially the QRPer and HOMEbrewers - And that is really a good thing. We need more true HAMs (Builders, HomeBrewers) not more "CBers with a GENERAL CLASS license that can't build, can't solder, do not know code" in a word "appliance operators". -- The WSPR software adds a dimension that was missing from traditional low power building projects, it collects and presents the performance data in an objective and easy to compare form.

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