Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scientific Enrichment YouTube Video for the week – Swarmanoid Robots

The Swarmanoid swarm consists of three discrete types of robots:  Foot-Bots can grab onto other robots and move horizontally. Hand-Bots have manipulators and a sweet magnetic grappling hook that lets them move vertically. And Eye-Bots can fly, perch on ceilings, and direct the movements of the Hand-Bots and Foot-Bots with their cameras.

We've been watching these swarm-bot modules evolve since 2009, and the following video (which won an award for best video at the 2011 Artificial Intelligence Conference last week) is the first that we've seen showing all of the bots seamlessly and autonomously cooperating to execute a task:


  1. Thanks for the fascinating video! I found the following IEEE article that has some additional information and links:

  2. Cool, I could use a few if those guys. LOL
    Thanks for the video, Jorge. 73