Monday, February 8, 2010

[LxPeditionsAtlanta] 2nd Annual Mid Winter 10 Meter Lunchtime LxPedition is February 11th at High Noon

OK Gents;

The snow and rain are gone, the ground hog has done its jig, and the Saints have won the superbowl. -- Mean while in the world of ham radio the 10 M band is opening some, time to dust off the LX 10M gear and have some fun at lunch.

This Year's 2nd Annual Mid Winter 10 Meter Lunchtime LxPedition is February 11th at High Noon. -- 28.430 main calling frequency, so it in Tech friendly part of the band, 12-1:00 pm. Turn on your rig and call. -- See who you can contact.

Mark you calendars and join us. If we are lucky the band will open and lots of fun will be had. After the event, please post to the group in an email where you were, what your gear was, who you heard and who you had a contact with.

Non LxPedition members can email me direct for more info, and remember, once you participate in an event you can join the Yahoo group to keep current on up coming events.

Monitor 145.410 as the the talk-in Frequency.

Pictures are from Previous Events

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  1. The turn out was good, but the thai Restaurant was better. The band was decent, but defiantly variable for me, and the noise was not as loud as other times, but significant non the less.

    I was on the corner of Peachtree Industrial & Medlock Bridge
    (33.959614,- 84.209275) http://www.thaistar

    ki4SGU Here is my list

    Call Sign Name Location RX/TX Notes
    kc4ZUA & kg4FXG Team Arnold & Bill Downtown 59/55 30w Verticle
    kb4KFT Bill Blackburn 57/55 30w Verticle
    k4ESA Bob Acworth 59+/52 1.1kw V&H
    nv4U Ron Woodstock xx/xx Mobile
    kc4TVZ Todd Flowery Br 5755 QTH
    kd8DVY & w4JHL Team Harold & James ?? 58/57 ??
    kj4BWM Vernal College Pk xx/xx QTH
    k4JFF Mel Pine Mt 59/57 100w 80m/H
    kt4XF Doug Kennesaw xx/xx ??

    Thanks & 73